Dienstag, 21. August 2012

funny people at the great wall

Ich war schon mehr als 1 Mal auf der Chinesischen Mauer. Während meine Gäste sich und die Mauer in den unterschiedlichsten Posen fotografieren, habe ich es mir zum Sport gemacht die Menschen in ihren unterschiedlichsten Aufmachungen zu fotografieren.

Das Resultat zeige ich euch heute - viel Spaß :D


I have been more than once at the Great Wall. While my guests are making pictures of the Wall and themselves at the Wall, I started a new hobby: making pictures of funny people at the Wall.

Well, this is the result - enjoy :D

A Western man dressed in a pyjama. Well, it could also be a Chinese traditional suit for men - but I highly doubt that. That was the first guy I've ever seen dressed like this.
And it was a Westerner... shocking.

Chinese LOVE to wear the same style in a group - obviously.

The sporty-guys.
My guess: Americans.

Well, no guessing needed here :D

Yeah, the first time I saw a woman doing her nail polish AT THE WALL.
And it was an Italian woman...

2 typical Chinese accessories: funny hairbands and a round bruise - from cupping, of course.

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